Keith Forwith

Innovative Thyroid Surgeon

The Pan African Academy of Christian surgeons is conducted through the volunteer efforts of more than 200 people. Among those, are more than 150 short term volunteers who visit training programs for 2 or more weeks to teach the African residents. Among those are ENT surgeons who volunteer and travel at their own expense to add essential elements of ENT to the resident training. There are so few ENT’s in Africa that most head and neck problems will be seen and treated by a general surgeon. So, the PAACS residents need to learn the essentials of ENT. Short term faculty fill this need – or at least attempt to! More ENT faculty are needed as PAACS continues to grow in its mission. 

All PAACS residents are required to be fluent in English, so communication barriers are only between you and the patients. Most PAACS residents speak multiple languages. For example, in Kenya the residents all speak English, Swahili, and their unique tribal language. 

So, if you are an ENT or know of a competent, christian ENT that would be interested in a life changing experience serving the Great Physician, please contact me! 

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