Keith Forwith

Innovative Thyroid Surgeon

Favorite things to do

When the dog bites, when the bee stings… (Ok, you know the rest – feel free to sing along!)

  1. Alta and Gold Miner’s Daughter
    • there is no better place to experience deep powder skiing than Alta, Utah. It’s where I became seriously addicted to skiing! Gold Miner’s Daughter is an unpretentious lodge situated at the base lift that remains laid back and remarkably cheap! Full buffet breakfast and a sit down dinner with table service included – a value that can’t be beat! 

Rough River 

  • We have a place that overlooks the water and serves as our weekend getaway. My winter snow ski addiction transforms into a water ski addiction beginning in March or April. The slalom course is where my passion lies; there’s nothing better than an early morning set on butter smooth water!

Strategy games

  • Our lake house has no internet, no phone, and no tv – so we break out the games and have some good old fashion quality family time. We started with Ticket to Ride, progressed to Settlers of Catan, and recently have a Dominion obsession. Pandemic has been the most recent addition and the first cooperative game (players work as a team and either all win or all loose – a bonus for the overly competitive gamer). 


  • A patient and friend introduced me to the Never Ever league at Iceland where I learned how to skate and stick handle. Now, I play as often as my bad knees will tolerate! It’s great exercise, great camaraderie, and there’s not checking! 

the Bible

  • I never found much use for the bible until recent years. Now, its the book I read and study the most! Somehow, I missed out for so long on how marvelous it really is! So much truth and wisdom!

Nature Photography

  • I’ve always loved animals; in fact, I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer when I was a kid. Ok, so that’s a lie – I still want to be a National Geographic photographer! My gallery shows some of my better work so please show it to all your friends that work at the Geographic!


  • I was the misfit in high school that was on the varsity wrestling team and in the band. Trumpet was my first and long time love, but I dabbled with the saxophone and played French horn as well. I love music of nearly every kind. I used to say I loved “ABC” music – “anything but country.” This was mostly because my dad used to insist we listen to the country music station while we worked (which wasn’t my favorite thing growing up). So for years I insisted on ABC music. Then, my dad passed and a year or so later I happened across a country station that brought me back to those days- and suddenly I’m a country music fan! I’m sure some shrink could tell me what type of reaction that is, but I don’t really care to know. I’ve just found some comfort in it and I will leave it just like that!


  • I’m a gadget guy. I love the stuff. It drives my wife crazy, actually! “What’s wrong with your old one? Why do we need this? Don’t you already have one of these?” Non-techies just don’t get it!

Kim Crawford Savignon Blanc

  • I really enjoy a good glass of wine. I used to call this variety “Savignon bland”, but then I discovered that a cool, crisp glass of Kim Crawford at the end of a hot summer ski day just really hit the spot. 

Les Miserables

  • Well, it makes sense if you love music, that you’d love musicals- and I do! Somehow for me, nothing can match Les Mis. I know every song and nearly every lyric. I’ve heard every version every recorded and believe the 10th Anniversary concert edition can’t be beat. Can you hear the people sing?
Champion holding cup
Beautiful bird
little big town
Les Miserables 10th anniversary concert